Youth Activities

These Youth activities have been compiled with the kind assistance of the Wilcannia Forbes Catholic Education Office and Bishop Columba MacBeth -Green. NATSICC encourages schools to utilise the resources to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to express and understand their faith and to educate non Indigenous students to the gifts of the world's oldest living, continual culture.


Because of Her - Youth Message by Bishop Columbia Macbeth Green


Bishop Columba addresses the theme of “Because of her, we can” with a focus on the important role of women in our lives, in traditional Aboriginal culture and links this to the Marian tradition.























Introductory activity: Set up a prayer space


Display a range of Aboriginal spirituality resources along with a cross and candle. Allow students to create their own prayer space using these materials. See examples below.



The Importance of Art and Faith in the life of Shirley Purdie


Shirley Purdie is a senior Gija artist at Warmun Art, a strong law and culture woman, and an important ceremonial singer and dancer in the community. Shirley was born at Mabel Downs Station in the Kimberley region in 1948.  Shirley is a world renowned artist that uses her art to express her culture and her faith.


The slideshow (accessed by clicking on the image of Shirley left) will take students though a youtube clip of Shirley discussing faith and guides students through refection and art activities.






Display the crosses at the Church entrance on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Sunday

The crosses they make in the first activity in the exercise above could be used near the entrance to your local Parish Church welcoming people on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Sunday.


Students physically assist with staking the crosses into the ground, or alternatively placing them around the entrance to the Church, on the Friday prior.


It can be a means of connecting local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to the Church.








Create a Mural from a local Dreaming story


Invite a female Aboriginal relative/s of a family from the school to be involved. (Your Aboriginal Education Workers in your school may be able to assist)

  • Share a local Dreaming story (could be any Dreaming story but for greater impact, localise it)
  • Create a mural based on the Dreaming story.
  • See example of St Patrick’s School, Brewarrina:




On completion record students explaining their understanding and involvement in the project.


Mary our Mother


Present the google slideshow (click left), “Mary our Mother” which connects the ancient women of this land with Mary our Mother through the study of the artwork “Mimi Ngaire” by artist Richard Patrick Campbell.


Click on the link “Kahoot - Mary” to test kids basic knowledge of Mary in a fun and interactive trivia style game.


Mary Quiz - Kahoot


MAKE LEARNING AWESOME! for students by using the Kahoot! platform for a quiz about Our Mother Mary.


Click here for the quiz








Upper Primary / Secondary school


Research project - Significant Aboriginal women who have contributed to the mission of the Church

Present the powerpoint “20 inspiring Aboriginal women who have changed Australia” as a means of background support prior to the project. There are wondering questions at the end of the slide to reinforce and depth learning.


Research significant Aboriginal women that have contributed to the mission of the Church eg. Miriam Rose, Mum Shirl. This can be compared to the work contributed by Mother Teresa and the pastoral role she embodied.


Students create a presentation on their findings using any form they choose eg. Artistic, writing, technology.


Liturgy of the Word

School Liturgies are a great way for a class or two to explore worship outside of the Mass. The variety of participation is only limited by the organizer.


• Readings can be limited to a Gospel according to your chosen theme.

• Homily can be a shared discussion based on a brief commentary.

• Hymns/Music can relate to a theme – using the didge, clapsticks, recorded music, actions etc.

• Prayers of the faithful can be written by the students

• Signs and symbols can be used in enhance the setting – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colours and artifacts, native plants. Drawings or paintings done by the children can be presented during the prayers of the faithful or shared homily.



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