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Reconciliation Week Resources

Reconciliation week is an important event on the Australian calendar and this year, we are asked to reflect on our national identity, and the place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and rights in our nation’s story.




Suggested Liturgy 1

Suggested Liturgy 2

Use as a guide (consultation with your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community)

Healing and Forgiveness Booklet

Healing has to take place before true reconciliation can be achieved

Reconciliation Australia resources



Reconciliation Week Activities




Through stories from Elders, program proceedings and presentations, NATSICC TV depicts culture, faith and the ways in which the two are interconnected. View the various programs and reflect on the following:


* How can we welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into our group, congregation or lives?


* What can we learn from the deep faith and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?


* What has resonated with you?


Reconciliation and the Year of Mercy


Make contact with your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Ministry (find them via MY NATSICC). The act of ‘black and white’ people praying together for mercy, forgiveness and justice is a powerful symbol of all that the Year of Mercy represents.


  • Visit local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministry
  • Have a representative of the ministry visit  and explain their work
  • Works of Mercy Program: In collaboration with the local ministry, host a consultation process where a project is designed to assist the ministry in their Corporal Works.


  1. Highlight the importance of consultation, two way communication and understanding
  2. Ask the Ministry how the Parish/students/class/school can assist
  3. Define achievable outcomes


Acknowledge the Traditional Owners of your area


NATSICC has developed an Acknowledgment booklet to assist with conducting culturally appropriate Acknowledgments and Welcomes to country. The booklet will be mailed to all Parishes prior to Aboriginal and Islander Sunday. An online version is available here.


Consult the AIATSIS map (left) for Traditional Owners or (preferable as the map is a guide only) contact your local Community organisations to determine the Traditional Owners.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Prayers and Hymns Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Spirituality Resources

Website Links


Miriam Rose explaining Christianity and Indigenous Spirituality:



Keynote speeches taken from the 2015 NATSICC National Assembly in Darwin



The latest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday resources. Shirley Quaresimin shares her faith story as an Indigenous person and Catholic from the Kimberley



A Torres Strait point of view on Spirituality



Pastor George Rosendale gives an excellent overview of Aboriginal Spirituality and the early Church.



Erica Bernard on finding harmony in Aboriginal spirituality and Catholicism



Aboriginal Spirituality - Presented by Joan Hendricks to the 2010 NATSICC Youth Gathering

Tree of Life - Pastor George Rosendale

Aboriginal Spiritual Healing - Agnes Palmer

What is Spirituality to Indigenous Australians? - Thelma Parker

Healing and Forgiveness - A resource for Indigenous Ministry


National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council

'The peak Indigenous advisory body to the Catholic Church'

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