Strong Faith. Strong Youth. Strong Future. Celebrating Faith, Culture and Spirituality in Perth 2018
NATSICC National Assembly




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Unpacking and strengthening faith in Perth!

Join other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Youth Leaders in Perth from 1-5 October to hear inspirational speakers, meet new friends and build your faith and Spirituality!


The NATSICC Youth Assembly is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics aged 15-25 and will be a week where new friendships are formed and skills to become leaders and role models for your community are learned.


Youth will have the opportunity to join the main Assembly and share the experience with Elders from all over Australia as faith, culture and our relationship with Jesus are discussed.

What to expect!

A picture tells a thousand words - so view the video below to see what happened at the 2015 Youth Assembly in Darwin.


Monday 1 October

11am          Youth to gather and meet each other

1.15pm       Opening Ceremony including Welcome to Country

                   NATSICC Welcome

1.30pm       Keynote: Dr. Richard Walley

2.15pm       Opening Mass

3.15            Afternoon Tea

3.45pm       Keynote: Fr Frank Brennan

4.30pm       Tom Powell Red Dust Healing

6.00pm       Closing Prayer (WA)

6.15pm       Dinner

7.30pm       Jesus Through Our Eyes - Shirley Purdie and Bishop Christopher Saunders


Tuesday 2 October

8am            Prayer and Movement Activity (optional)

8.30am       Healing Liturgy hosted by NT and WA

                   Housekeeping and overview

9.45am       Keynote: 2020 Plenary - Lana Turvey Collins

10.30am     Questions

10.45am     Morning Tea

11am          2020 Plenary Workshops

12.15pm     Lunch

1.15pm       Unpacking Faith Session 1

                   Bishop Sproxton, Fr Dan Benedetti, Sr Therese Mills, NATSICC youth team

                  Short break

                   Unpacking Faith Session 2

3.45pm       Afternoon tea

4.15pm       Concurrent Sessions (2)

5.30pm       Report Back Sessions (Youth to report back)

6.15pm       Closing Prayer (SA)

6.30pm       Dinner

7.30pm       Praise and Worship Chillout


Wednesday 3 October - Daytrip to New Norcia

Departing  from Tech Park at 8.30am and returning at 4.30pm


Thursday 4 October

8.30am       Welcome, introductions and outline of the day.

9.30am       Keynote: Mary O’Reeri

10.15am     Questions

10.30am     Morning Tea

11am          Youth Keynote NATSICC Youth Team -Sabrina Ann Stevens, Kodi Brady and Cameron Balcombe

12pm          Lunch - Dance  Workshop

1pm           Strong Youth

                   John Lochowiak –What does it mean to be a strong young Catholic?

                   Bishop Columba –Why the Church needs strong, young leaders.


2.15pm       Report Back Session (15 min youth response)

3.15pm       Afternoon Tea

3.45pm       Youth Liturgy Lots of fun, music and faith

5pm            Dinner


Friday 5 October

9am            Morning Prayer (Vic / Tas)

                   Housekeeping and overview

9.15am       Youth Discussion and debrief

10.15am     Morning Tea

10.45am     Listening Group presentation

                   Youth Presentation

12.00pm     Closing Mass and Assembly Closing Ceremony

1.00pm        Lunch