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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday - 7 July 2024
June 11, 2024

Keep the Fire Burning - Strong in Faith


The Gospel Reading for 7 July, from Mark 6:1-6, tells the story of Jesus returning to His hometown, only to be met with skepticism and disbelief. Despite His teachings and miracles, those who knew Him best failed to recognise His divine wisdom and power. This passage resonates deeply with our own experiences as First Australians, as we can often find that our voices go unheard and our contributions not embraced. The 2024 Resources provide Parishes, schools and organisations with resources to help celebrate this important day.




2024 NATSICC Award Winners announced July 1, 2024

Recognising the quiet achievers in our Church


Every day, in Parishes, schools, organisations and ministries around Australia there are people working with and alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics to make a significant difference. They don’t ask for accolades or want to be in the spotlight, but these people need to be acknowledged for all they do. We are pleased to provide awards to 5 very deserving recipients in 2024.


2024 NATSICC Spirituality Retreat March 1, 2024

Lord, teach us how to Pray, Proclaim the Good News is the theme for our 2024 retreat which will be hosted at St Clement's Retreat Centre in Galong, NSW.


Running from 9-12 September, this is the first Face to Face retreat that NATSICC has organised since Covid. We look forward to seeing you there!

Indigenous Voice to Parliament
May, 2023

NATSICC and Caritas Australia have launched www.indigenousvoice.church - a website that empowers Catholics to make an informed decision at the 2023 Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum.


The site conatins a collation of statements of Catholic Organisations, resources to assist in discernment and the voices of First Australians and our Catholic Leaders.




Cross Cultural Competency in a Catholic Context Online Course now available October 18. 2022

NATSICC has developed a foundational Online  Cross Cultural Competency Course for all Catholic workers, volunteers, Clergy and Religious. It is the first ever Cross Cultural training with a Catholic Focus and will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.



2022 NATSICC Assembly - 19 - 23 September 2022 October 18. 2022

Over 200 delegates traveled to Townsville for the NATSICC Assembly from 19-23 September. It was an enriching display of faith and culture that symbolised communities reuniting following COVID. Visit the Assembly page to see the videos, photos and outcomes of the Yarning Circles.




2022 Service to Community Award Winners July 11, 2022

NATSICC is pleased to announce a number of worthy winners of the 2022 Service to Community Awards.


Each year the awards help us to meet and introduce meet new people that work quietly in the background, bringing the Gospel to life to those around them. Additionally, we are also blessed to be able to share their stories with the wider Church.






NATSICC Palliative Care Packages 28 September, 2020

NATSICC is pleased to announce the launch of our new Palliative Care Packages project for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Established to address a strong need, this project provides Packages to any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person (regardless of any or no religious beliefs) in the end stages of their life.


Care packs are available for any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person that needs them.






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NATSICC TV (via YouTube) showcases the events, programs and presentations of the Council.


The library of programs is always growing so please check back regularly or subscribe to the NATSICC Channel on YouTube to be updated when something new is added.



*Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Viewers are warned that programs may include images and voices of those that have passed. 

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